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The Yo(u)niverse Paradox: Revealing the Mystery of You

Radical change at a global level has begun! The Trump and Brexit movements are now underway, geopolitics has been on the rise since 9-11, the global weather system is bringing about major catastrophic events with ever increasing frequency, the Information age is upon us and then…….there is you!

Are you the insignificant being the mainstream say you are? Or do you have a role to play in not only the global, but the universal drama? If so, is it a bit part or might you be the shining star! Let me take you on a journey and showcase how you have the most vital role of all. Without you there is no universal drama, no universal stage, no universal anything for that matter.

It is your responsibility to ‘take back control’ and rewrite the script. Unleash your true potential and take your first step into the new world!

The Yo(u)niverse Paradox explains a simple fundamental principal that merges the latest scientific findings with ancient spiritual wisdom providing transparency to how the universe functions and shows beyond doubt your vital role in this mystery.